Energy labels – the classification of energy efficiency

Energy labels are affixed to every electrical appliance for domestic use sold within the territory of the European Union. This is regulated by a special EU directive. That directive also covers air conditioners below 12kW. Labels inform the user about the quality of the product, predominantly taking into account its energy efficiency. Thanks to the label, everyone can compare which device will have the lowest cost in use, before purchase. The assessment of energy efficiency, also referred to as the energy class, is indicated by letters. In the case of air conditioners, a scale from G (the lowest) to A +++ (the highest) is used.

When assessing savings in energy consumption for air conditioners,
the following energy efficiency factors are also taken into account:
SEER for cooling and SCOP for heating.

These factors determine the ratio between the cooling/heating capacity achieved by the air conditioner and the electrical power drawn by the unit
from the mains, throughout the heating and cooling season, e,g. units
with SEER=8, which corresponds to class A++, are capable of generating
an average of 8kW of cooling energy from 1kW of electricity per season.

The inverter air conditioners from KAISAI feature the best energy class (A), while some of them even reach the maximum level A+++.

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