Selecting the correct type of air conditioning

Selecting the correct type and performance characteristics of an air conditioner is a prerequisite for its successful operation. The process
of selecting the air conditioner based on the type of facility has been discussed separately. However, it is best to entrust the selection of equipment, in terms of its performance, to specialists with the appropriate knowledge and experience in this field.

However, there are a number of general recommendations and indicators which allow users to pre-define the required power of the device themselves. The most-important parameter is the cubic capacity of the air-conditioned room. It is considered that the required cooling capacity in standard rooms with a height of about 3m is approximately 40 W/m3.

However, there are exceptions to this assumption. This value can change if, for example, there is a particularly large area of windows in the room, which also face south or west, the walls of the room have poor thermal insulation, or there is a roof directly above the air-conditioned room. The number of people present in the air-conditioned room is also important, and whether there is any equipment generating additional heat, e.g. computers, monitors or refrigerators.

It is worth remembering that the factor increasing the required cooling capacity of an air conditioner is the presence of mechanical ventilation in the room, which should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate air conditioning system.

Split A/C units

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