What kind of air conditioning should be installed, depending on the facility?

The wide range of the currently available air-conditioning systems makes it necessary to consider which devices will be suitable for particular facilities, before you actually purchase them. Different types of air conditioner will be suitable for cooling and heating the house, but completely different ones for an office building or a shopping mall.

In apartments, people usually opt for the split-type stationary air conditioner with an indoor unit mounted on the wall. This model is easy to use, quiet, and its installation does not involve significant interference in the room’s structure. In terms of purchase costs, it is also favourable compared to other types of equipment. For more-demanding and aesthetically pleasing interiors, it is possible to use cassette or duct air conditioners, embedded in a suspended ceiling.

If we do not want to or cannot install stationary units, your only choice is portable air conditioners.

On the other hand, central VRF air-conditioning systems, consisting of one unit and up to several-dozen indoor units, are more frequently used in offices or retail and public-utility facilities. The units are usually placed on the roof of a building, while the cooling systems and the indoor units are installed inside the rooms. They are predominantly cassette, duct, or ceiling units, mounted inside or directly below suspended ceilings.

Split A/C units

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