Renewable energy sources (RES) are based on natural resources, the acquisition of which provides not only emission-free energy production, but also a whole range of possibilities for its use. Due to relatively easy access to technology and the possibility of its use both by companies and individual households, the most popular are the energy obtained from the air and the sun.

KAISAI’s offer includes modern solutions for renewable energy sources, which include air-water heat pumps, recuperative heat recovery units and photovoltaic modules and inverters.

Photovoltaic inverters

The solar inverter converts the direct current produced by photovoltaic panels into alternating current (AC) compatible with the parameters of the power grid. In addition, it monitors the operating parameters of the home solar power plant and automatically follows the power point to capture the maximum amount of energy from the solar panel array. At dusk, when the intensity of sunlight is too low to generate electricity, the inverter automatically shuts down and restarts during the day when the input voltage reaches its initial value.

KAISAI inverters are modern devices working on proven quality microprocessor systems. They provide efficient, high-efficiency and trouble-free operation in the installation and allow monitoring of all parameters of the photovoltaic system, allowing for optimal use of energy.