KAISAI Air handling units (KVX)

The Kaisai recuperation units are highly efficient systems with a heat recovery function, designed for mechanical ventilation of houses, offices and shops. When in operation, they exchange the exhaust air from the interior for the air drawn from the outside and purified by means of a special high-performance filter class F7.

The counter-current heat recovery exchanger prevents heat loss during the winter, by recovering up to 92,5% of the energy.

Kaisai air handling units are manufactured in compliance with the EcoDesign Directive, they are characterized by economic and intuitive operation and made of high-quality materials.

The devices can be installed univerasally – both vertically or horizontally (KVX-150) and on-wall or free-standing using an optional frame (KVX-270/360/460).

The intuitive controller offers the possibility of controlling the device in various working modes and connecting humidity, CO2 contrentation, and differential pressure sensors. The optional WiFi module allows the remote entering and checking the working parameters of the recuperator using smartphone or tablet.

Intended use


Residential buildings



Public buildings


Technical data

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