KAISAI Heat Pumps Monoblock R32 (KHC)

A heat pump uses free air energy and uses it to heat or cool a building or to produce domestic hot water. It is a cheap, ecological and reliable source of heat, which can be used by everyone.

The refrigerant system of KAISAI KHC model is fully integrated in the outdoor unit, which means that no additional refrigerant pipes are required. The two-door design provides easy access to the internal components and the user interface – a simple and fast modification of parameters and their monitoring in real time. The length of the communication cable of up to 50m allows for great freedom of installation.

Thanks to modern technology, the KAISAI heat pumps operate in a very wide range of outdoor temperatures and achieve high temperatures in the heating system or in domestic hot water applications. The absence of harmful emissions, safety and maintenance-free operation make Kaisai heat pumps the ideal solution for anyone who builds a house but also replaces or upgrades an existing heat source. Kaisai heat pumps are used in commercial, single- and multi-family buildings.

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