KAISAI PRO+ wall mounted air conditioners (KSN)

The modern Kaisai Pro+ wall mounted air conditioner is a topclass energy-efficient appliance, distinguished by the exceptionally high SEER 8.1 and SCOP 4.6 energy-efficiency ratios.

The appliance is an ideal solution in cold climate zones, allowing for effective heating of rooms in a very wide range of outdoor temperatures. Thanks to the standard equipment, consisting of the compressor crankcase heater and the heater installed in the lower part of the outdoor unit casing, the air conditioner has the possibility to operate in the heating mode at outdoor temperature of up to -30°C.

The heat exchanger installed in the air conditioner is equipped with gold fins, which improve the efficiency of heat exchange, and also increase its anti-corrosion properties and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Pro+ combines modern design with a high level of user experience, thanks to the following functions: Wi-Fi as standard, Eco, and 3D air supply.

Intended use


Residential buildings



Public buildings


Technical data

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