KAISAI CARE wall mounted air conditioners (KWC) NEW FEATURES 2021

KAISAI CARE air conditioner in a new version with additional functions and a filtration system affords a particular manner of maintaining clean air in the home, thanks to its cutting-edge functions.

Thanks to the UV lamp and the 56˚C sterilization function, the air conditioner enables the purification of air from microparticles and unwanted substances. The dual filtration system of the air conditioner effectively traps pollen and dust, absorbs dust mites and removes unwanted odors from the air.

High convenience of use is ensured by the WiFi module, integrated as standard and practical functions Eco and Gear. With the Eco function activated, the air conditioner automatically sets the temperature and fan speed to optimal values, significantly reducing electricity consumption, which translates into over 60% savings compared to standard-appliance operation. The Gear function, on the other hand, allows you to decide on the maximum intensity operation level of the appliance, and actively controls energy consumption.

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