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KAISAI CARE wall mounted air conditioners (KWC)

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Product description

The KAISAI Care wall-mounted air conditioner affords a particular manner of maintaining clean air in the home, thanks to its cutting-edge functions. The air conditioner has double filters, which block pollen and dust, absorbing mites and removing bad smells from the air. The I-Clean function effects the efficient removal of dust and mould from the appliance, and prevents the growth of bacteria, maintaining the cleanness of the appliance’s interior. Thanks to the air-ionisation function, the appliance removes particles of mites, mould, bacteria, and viruses. An additional effect of the ioniser is air humidification, which positively affects the skin, and imparts a pleasant feeling of freshness in air-conditioned rooms. High convenience of use is ensured by the WiFi module, integrated as standard and practical functions Eco and Gear. With the Eco function activated, the air conditioner automatically sets the temperature and fan speed to optimal values, significantly reducing electricity consumption, which translates into over 60% savings compared to standard-appliance operation. The Gear function, on the other hand, allows you to decide on the maximum intensity operation level of the appliance, and actively controls energy consumption. 


  • Operating Mode: Auto, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation
  • High efficiency DC motor
  • Innovative design of the heat exchanger
  • High rating SEER: 7,0; SCOP: 4,2
  • Outdoor unit with 5 fan speed levels
  • Indoor unit with 12 fan speed levels
  • Function to prevent cool air flow while in heating mode
  • The air-ionisation function
  • Eco Mode
  • Gear Mode
  • Cleaning the internal exchanger
  • Dual filters

Technical data

  • Average cooling capacity: 3,5 kW
  • Average heating capacity: 3,8 kW
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Maximum pipe length: 25m
  • Maximum height difference: 10m
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Energy rating A++/A+
  • Recommended cooling temperature range: -15~50°C
  • Recommended heating temperature range: -25~24°C
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