Exotic trip to China with the KAISAI brand

The Klima-Therm Group invited the KAISAI brand Distributors on an extraordinary journey to South-Eastern China between 7 and 14 October. A weekly incentive travel trip was a reward for the highest sales of KAISAI air-conditioning units, which was awarded to the representatives of 17 Polish companies. The trip agenda had a wealth of attractions and included two main points – a visit to one of the largest air conditioner factories in the world, MIDEA, located in Guangzhou, and a few days’ rest on the island of Hainan in the exclusive ClubMed network resort.

KAISAI Distributors started their journey with a stay in Guangzhou, also known as Canton – one of the five most dynamically developing Chinese cities in terms of economy, where the world’s largest corporations have located their factories. It is in Guangzhou, at the MIDEA plant in Nansha, which the participants had the opportunity to visit, where KAISAI air conditioning units are manufactured. The Canton also has a plethora of culinary traditions and unforgettable views offered by the city panorama during an evening cruise along the Pearl River.

The second point of stay in China was Hainan – an archipelago of nearly 200 islands and islets in the South China Sea, commonly known as the “Chinese Hawaii”, a true paradise for tourists. KAISAI Distributors spent several days of carefree rest in the ClubMed Sanya Premium All Inclusive resort – an exclusive resort in the Yalong Wan Bay with a captivating 7-km-long sandy beach. Numerous attractions awaited the participants of the journey to Hainan, such as a trip to the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Zone park with one of the highest statues in the world – the Buddhist goddess Guanyin, a cruise on a motor yacht, snorkelling and fishing.

– We recorded significant sales growth in 2019, both in Poland and on the foreign markets. After a good spring-summer season, which was undoubtedly possible thanks to the increased sales activity of our Distributors, as well as the intensification of export activity, this year we expect record-breaking results measured by the sales forecast oscillating around 70 thousand unit sets, emphasised Wojciech Białas, Sales Director of the KAISAI brand, and added, The expedition to China was a special award for customers who showed the highest sales dynamics. However, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the cooperation to date to all our partners, as nearly 100 distribution companies, 300 wholesale outlets and 1000 installers throughout Poland are working for the success and position of the KAISAI brand.

An exotic trip to China with the KAISAI brand is an incentive travel trip – a relationship marketing tool whose main objective is to engage its key customers and closely tie them with the company, and above all use integration in building partner relations based on shared experiences and emotions. In the previous years, the Klima-Therm Group invited trade partners cooperating with the KAISAI brand to travel together to Prague and Scandinavia.


On the 11th of May this year, KAISAI launched a radio campaign in Poland, which is line with the slogan “Air conditioning for your home and office,” promoting the use of air-comfort equipment in places where people reside or work (…)