KAISAI at ISH 2019 Fair in Frankfurt

ISH Fair – one of the largest international HVACR industry events – will take place in Frankfurt am Main in mid-March. The KAISAI brand will have its debut in Frankfurt, presenting state-of-the-art air conditioning solutions.

The ISH Fair – exhibition regarding the industries of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, as well as water and sanitary systems – is organized in cycles every 2 years. Presentations in the HVACR technology segment will feature will feature eco-friendly and energy-saving building heating and air-conditioning systems, providing the use of renewable energy. Emphasis will also be put on building ventilation systems and the external air quality issues.

The portfolio of KAISAI devices exhibited during ISH Fair will include flagship air-conditioning equipment from the RAC and CAC segments, especially the KAISAI FLY wall-mounted air conditioner model, operating based on an eco-friendly R32 coolant and offering WiFi connection as a standard feature. KAISAI will also present, among others, the modernly designed PLATINUM NEW air curtain with a DC motor, as well as wall-mounted ECO series devices, KPC and KPDD air conditioners using the R-290 agent with a heating function, and two models of innovative heat pumps – KAISAI ECO HOME and KHP.

“The ISH Fair is yet another international exhibition event over the recent two years where KAISAI will have the pleasure to participate as an exhibitor” – says Wojciech Białas, President of the Board of KAISAI EUROPE, who adds: “We are convinced that our presence during this event, as well as an attractive form of presentation of our offer, will contribute to strengthening the KAISAI brand recognition in foreign markets, which, as a consequence, will be reflected in further, dynamic growth of export activities, and our motto: think globally, work locally will allow us to strengthen the relations with our business partners”.

The 54th edition of ISH 2019 Fair will be held from March 11th to March 15th in Frankfurt am Main. As this year the event will take as many as 5 days, the visitors will have the opportunity to gain a better insight in the rich fair offer of exhibitors from around the world. The stall featuring KAISAI brand air-conditioning solutions will be located in hall 8 and marked with number J68 – WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!


On the 11th of May this year, KAISAI launched a radio campaign in Poland, which is line with the slogan “Air conditioning for your home and office,” promoting the use of air-comfort equipment in places where people reside or work (…)