At a 100-square-meter booth located in Hall 4A of the modern NürnbergMesse complex, the Klima-Therm Group presented the latest air conditioning, ventilation and heating solutions from its own brands KAISAI and Klimor.


In terms of the range of KAISAI-branded equipment, visitors to the booth had the opportunity to learn about solutions from the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) segment, led by air-to-water split and monoblock heat pumps for R32 refrigerant and a new product in the portfolio - the KHX series of monoblock heat pumps for the natural refrigerant R290 known as propane. KAISAI's RES exhibition was rounded out by PV modules and inverters, and for the first time: energy storage. Air conditioning products from the RAC and LCAC segments included FLY and ECO wall units, as well as numerous novelties represented by ProHEAT and HOT air conditioners dedicated to heating, and GEO and ONE+ models. The exhibition of KAISAI brand air conditioners was enriched by typical commercial products: the KFS stand-alone floor air conditioner and the KUE floor-sub-floor model.


Klima-Therm in Nuremberg presented itself not only as an exhibitor, but also as an active participant in the event accompanying the exhibition, which was the "Expert Forum". A substantive presentation on solutions supporting the modernization of buildings in terms of minimizing energy losses and improving energy efficiency, including the replacement of heat sources with efficient and non-emitting ones, was given by Paweł Deska, Technical Director. The main theme of the expert lecture was KAISAI heat pumps for the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290, which were presented through the prism of current legislation and pending changes to the market.


CHILLVENTA is the second trade fair this year, next to Mostra Convegno in Milan, in which Klima-Therm Group participated as an exhibitor. Presence at the largest exhibition arenas in Europe is part of the company's business strategy to further intensify sales in foreign markets.


The next event at which KAISAI announces its presence will be the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany (March 13-17, 2023).

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