The range of ventilation appliances offered by KAISAI includes compact recuperative central units designed for detached houses, apartments and commercial premises. Modern KAISAI recuperators guarantee fresh filtered air in all rooms, without energy losses, 24 hours a day, providing exceptional comfort that cannot be achieved in homes with traditional gravity ventilation. Recuperation is a type of a mechanical ventilation system additionally provided with a heat recovery option, which is an energy-efficient way to effectively exchange air inside a building and make significant savings on heating. A recuperator makes it possible to control the movement of the air supplied to the room and to recover heat from the polluted air coming from inside the house. Additionally, the filters installed inside the appliance clean the air from viruses, pollutants, allergens, and smog. The benefits of recuperation also include reduced levels of carbon dioxide in the air, removal of damp and unwanted odours and absence of draughts in the rooms.