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Console air conditioners (KFAU)

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Product description

Console air conditioners are a solution designed to be installed in the baseboard area, freeing up wall space. They work particularly well in rooms where there is no possibility of installing wall units: in attics, rooms with sloping roofs and in recesses under windows.


Two air outlets allow for any type of air circulation. Thanks to the movable and wide-angle supply louvers, the console ensures efficient and effective air distribution throughout the room.


The compressor crankcase heater prevents oil absorption of refrigerant, which can occur as the temperature drops. The drip pan heater helps the air conditioner operate in heating mode, preventing it from flooding, improving its operating efficiency and minimizing the risk of fan failure.


Comfort features include ECO, GEAR, constant 8°C heating and variable fan control.


  • Operating mode: Auto, Cooling, Heating, Ventilation
  • High efficiency DC motor
  • Innovative design of the heat exchanger
  • High rating SEER/SCOP
  • Gear mode
  • Eco mode
  • Compressor and condensate tray heater
  • 8°C continouos heating function
  • Quiet operation

Technical data

  • Average cooling capacity: 3,5 / 5,0 kW
  • Average heating capacity: 3,8 / 5,3 kW
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Maximum pipe length: 25 - 30 m
  • Maximum height difference: 10 - 20 m
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Energy rating A++/A+
  • Recommended cooling temperature range: -15~50°C
  • Recommended heating temperature range: -15~24°C
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